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Jason Eliassaint

Persistent Depression: When Shadows Drag You


When it is hard to be happy even during joyous occasions, we look at ourselves to think about what is going on. It can happen. But, when the thoughts become persistent enough that we cannot perform our usual activities or when these thoughts come and go for months or years, getting professional help may contribute to getting the answers you are looking for.

Persistent depressive disorder can impact anyone and it can prevent a person from enjoying the life they want. Here are some symptoms that can lead to impairment.

  • Loss of interest – one’s interest can be fickle but when you no longer find the joy or satisfaction you gain from your go-to activities and you cannot find it somewhere else no matter how you have tried, this may be a sign of something else.
  • Difficulty in concentrating – when thoughts keep on jumping from one another, focus can be difficult. This further impacts the person’s ability to decide. Unfortunately, this can be a coping symptom to delay negative feelings.
  • Feeling guilty and worried about the past – we all have our progress in getting over previous events but when it constantly worries a person to the point of them not being able to move forward, it may be a sign to address this lingering guilt.

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