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Know About Triggers and How to Manage them


Have certain sounds, imagery, memories, or any other sensations been setting off a kind of panic and dread in you, a loved one, or maybe someone you know? They may have been experiencing what are called ‘triggers’ or a ‘triggering event.’

Triggers are psychological stimuli that may be internal, such as sensations that may remind you of the traumatic event, or external, such as specific sounds or specific dates. They occur among individuals who have had negative or traumatic experiences that remain unaddressed and those who are still in recovery, among others.

As these can happen any time and without warning, it is important to know how to manage them when they do happen. Thus, as a trusted provider of psychiatric services and behavioral health services in Maryland, we are listing down some of the most effective ways you can do so. Take a look below:

  • Practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and mindfulness meditations.
  • Make a record of your thoughts and feelings. Keep a journal or a diary and practice writing them down.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle—eat healthily and exercise regularly.
  • Seek support from your friends and family or meet new ones. Self-isolation is not the way to go.
  • Read and educate yourself about triggers.
  • Get the professional help you need. Mental health interventions such as psychotherapy and IV Ketamine in Laurel, Maryland are available for your unique requirements.

At our behavioral health clinic in Laurel, Maryland at Blue Sky Mental Health Clinic, we can help you identify your triggers, successfully manage them, and give you back the quality of life you deserve. Don’t hesitate to ask about our services today.

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