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See the full prices of our psychiatric and mental health services on this page.

Blue Sky Mental Health Clinic is an approved FDA REMS (risk evaluation mitigation strategy) facility.

Psychiatry Services:

  • New Patient Evaluation (60 min) – $225 (if no insurance)
  • Existing Member (30 min. follow-ups) – $100/appt. ($50 late cancel, $75 no-show fee)

Medical Marijuana Card CASH ONLY!!!

  • New Patient: $ 100
  • Renewal: $70.00 If No Insurance

Disability & Paperwork

Any and all paperwork will not be filled out during or immediately after initial evaluations but can be completed at a prorated rate of $125 per hour. Any disability cases must be discussed in session and may require additional treatment programs. There is a 30 day turnaround period for all disability paperwork.

Minors & Custody

BSMHC’s role is to help people with mental health issues make lasting improvements. It is not our role to conduct a custody evaluation, determine whether a parent is “fit” or not, recommend one parent over another, nor focus on reunification of a child and parent. We will not testify in court about custody issues, unless we are compelled by a court.

For children with divorced parents, we expect the parents to communicate with each other about services, decide who will schedule appointments, who will bring the child to treatment, etc. The clinician and the child cannot be messengers between parents. It is important to note that both parents have access to a child’s record, regardless of custody. The only exception is if parental rights have been revoked. Since children benefit from an expectation of some privacy, we try not to share details of what a child says or does in treatment. We will share progress in treatment, as well as notify parents of any risks of harm. We include parents in treatment for the benefit of the child.

Card on File & Authorization

We collect copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance at time of service, charging the patient’s credit card on file, which includes HSA and FSA cards. There must be a valid credit card on file at all times. Please visit our website to securely add and update your payment information:

Occasionally, after a claim has been submitted and processed through insurance, there may be a balance remaining. This typically happens when a new patient is first having their claims approved by insurance, or when a patient’s health insurance plan is renewed and there are changes to the policy. Any remaining balance will be added to your patient statement and billed once the insurance claim is adjudicated.

Deposits & Prepay

A refundable deposit is required for all initial evaluations where the patient will be using insurance. All fee-for-service clients are required to prepay.

We accept all major insurance:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care

Please call us at 240-377-0260 or send us a message. You may also schedule a consultation to talk with us in person and learn more.

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