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Jason Eliassaint
The sooner your diagnosis, the sooner you can get better

Can You Benefit from the Service? Questions to Consider

Have you lost interest or pleasure in the things and activities you used to be passionate about? Do you have trouble sleeping for at least two weeks and more? Are you fatigued most of the time? Is everything difficult? Do you have unexplained physical problems?

How We Can Help You

Our professionals at Blue Sky Mental Health Clinic will carry out extensive tests, screenings, and evaluations to come up with an accurate diagnosis of your condition and to determine if it is indeed a major depressive disorder.

Take note that this is a cash-only service.

Take Control of Your Life Now

…and experience what you have been missing. Get started by setting up a virtual consultation with one of our psychiatric health care representatives here. You may also give us a call at 240-377-0260 or send us a message here to determine your insurance eligibility and for your other inquiries.